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Post-production is the final stage of the video production process. All the content has been envisioned and captured, and now it’s time to piece it together.

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1. Share the idea of your story

Our focus is on your idea, whether you have a long story or script for your 3-minute video for your website, or if it's just a 15-second reel for Instagram or Facebook.

2. Provide your files and assets

We assume that you already have video footage and recordings in various pieces. We can work with any quality and resolution, whether it's Full HD or vertical videos for mobile devices.

3. See results and versions

We'll show you our first video draft, gather your comments, and then make the next version even better. Want to see versions A and B? Sure.
That's how we do it!

4. Approve and get the best one

This is where almost everything is completed. We just need to add some finishing touches, conduct our final review, and deliver the best result with maximum quality. Enjoy!


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